LC is the most versatile analytical method to study complex mixtures. It can be used for many different separation applications in many fields of analysis. To achieve the best separation results, the right column choice is of utmost importance. SIELC columns are available in many different stationary phases to be used in regular HPLC and ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC), and deliver exceptional selectivity with outstanding lifetime and robustness. Reversed-phase, normal phase and mixed-mode  HPLC columns, including Primesep, Obelisc, Sharc, Bist and Newcrom are designed and manufactured end-to-end by SIELC Technologies in the USA. The column manufacturing process includes multiple Quality Control (QC) tests on different stages of production so the column user is assured of rugged, reproducible performance with long column lifetime.


BIST™ columns offer a unique and effective way to achieve separations that were traditionally challenging or even impossible with other HPLC columns. With the use of a special mobile phase, these ion exchange columns provide very strong retention for analytes with the same charge polarity as the stationary phase, unlocking new chromatography applications. What makes BIST™ columns stand out is their proprietary surface chemistry, which results in superior selectivity, resolution, and sensitivity. These columns offer a simple, efficient solution for a variety of analytical challenges, making them an excellent choice for researchers and analysts across many different fields. To learn more about the technology that powers BIST™ columns and to explore related applications, check out https://BIST.LC.


The Cannsep family of columns is a specially developed line of reverse-phase columns designed to retain and separate most of the compounds responsible for cannabis's physiological properties. With three options available - Cannsep A, Cannsep B, and Cannsep C - customers can resolve all the various cannabinoids, each providing unique and significantly orthogonal selectivity.


SIELC's family of Legacy columns is based on the United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) published chromatographic methods and procedures. Numerous brands have columns used in USP reference standards and methods. USP has created various designations to group together columns with similar types of packing and properties in the solid phase. SIELC's Legacy columns adhere to these strict requirements and properties, allowing you to easily replace older columns that are no longer available without needing to significantly modify your method or SOPs.


The Newcrom columns are a family of reverse-phase-based columns. Newcrom A, AH, B, and BH are all mixed-mode columns with either positive or negative ion-pairing groups attached to either short (25 Å) or long (100 Å) ligand chains. Newcrom R1 is a special reverse-phase column with low silanol activity.


SIELC has developed the Obelisc™ columns, which are mixed-mode and utilize Liquid Separation Cell technology (LiSC™). These cost-effective columns are the first of their kind to be commercially available and can replace multiple HPLC columns, including reversed-phase (RP), AQ-type reversed-phase, polar-embedded group RP columns, normal-phase, cation-exchange, anion-exchange, ion-exclusion, and HILIC (Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography) columns. By controlling just three orthogonal method parameters - buffer concentration, buffer pH, and organic modifier concentration - users can adjust the column properties with pinpoint precision to separate complex mixtures.


The Primesep family of mixed-mode columns offers a wide variety of stationary phases, boasting unprecedented selectivity in the separation of a broad array of chemical compounds across multiple applications. Corresponding Primesep guard columns, available with all stationary phases, do not require holders. SIELC provides a method development service available to all customers. Inquire about our specially-tailored custom LC-phases for specific separations.


The Promix family of mixed-mode columns presents an innovative chromatography technology for the efficient resolution of peptides and proteins. This technology hinges on a unique blend of hydrophobic and ionic interactions, facilitated by a novel separation medium: a ligand bonded to a silica support, chemically combined with hydrophobic and ionic functional groups. This phase provides unparalleled selectivity and peak capacity. By independently adjusting the quantities of buffer and organic modifier, a virtually infinite number of separation conditions can be achieved, rendering it suitable for a wide array of biomolecules.


The SHARC™ family of innovative columns represents the first commercially available columns primarily utilizing separation based on hydrogen bonding. SHARC stands for Specific Hydrogen-bond Adsorption Resolution Column. Hydrogen bonding involves an interaction or attraction between a bound hydrogen atom and molecules containing electronegative atoms, such as oxygen, nitrogen, and fluorine.


SIELC Technologies has developed mixed-mode columns based on solid-core-porous-shell particles. These specially-designed silica nanoparticles simulate UHPLC conditions on standard HPLC systems, reducing the need for the more complex equipment typically required by UHPLC systems. This separation medium combines the efficiency of solid-core technology with the unique selectivity of Ion-Exchange (IE) mode, Reverse Phase (RP) mode, and HILIC mode. Currently, there are three mixed-mode Primesep columns available with solid-core 2.7 µm particles: Primesep 100, Primesep S, and Primesep SB.

Specialty Columns

SIELC Technologies offers custom phases for customers who require specific separations not achievable with commercially available HPLC phases. Considering the vast array of compounds and mixtures requiring analysis, tailored LC phases can significantly enhance separation results for unique and challenging applications. To learn more about our special custom LC phases designed for your specific separation needs, please contact SIELC Technologies at Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the process and create a custom solution that addresses your particular chromatographic challenges.