BIST™ – a New Mode of LC Separation

Bridge Ion Separation Technology, or BIST™, is a brand new LC separation technique developed by SIELC. The goal of BIST™ is simple – expand the scope of HPLC applications.

SIELC Technologies’ BIST™ is a new and simple way to achieve many separations that are traditionally difficult or impossible to achieve with any other HPLC columns currently on the market! In short, BIST™ is complex chromatography without the hassle.

BIST™ provides an additional separation tool to a whole class of organic and inorganic charged molecules. BIST™ columns, simple mobile phases, and an array of applications provides a whole new continent on the chromatograph
y map.

Analyze Ions Differently

When doubly-charged ions are present in the mobile phase (MP), the surface of the stationary phase can switch its polarity.
For example: if the surface is positively-charged and the doubly-charged ions in the mobile phase are sulfate ions with a
minus 2 charge (from ionized sulfuric acid), then the surface can became negatively-charged.

However, this can occur only when the mobile phase has a relatively low concentration of water. When water is
the main component of the mobile phase, it forms a solvation shell around each ion and prevents the surface
charge from switching.

The same surface switch is observed when a negatively-charged surface interacts with doubly-charged
positive ions such as diamines, and some inorganic ions such as Mg2+ and Ca2+.

BIST™ Products

For more information and a complete look at BIST™, please check out our other BIST™ pages and our brochure below!


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