Custom Phases

If you are having difficulties separating impurities from your target compound and the standard solutions found in the column market are not applicable to your project, SIELC Technologies will be happy to resolve the issue for you.

Our technology offers a wide variety of custom silica surface modification and can be tailored to meet your goals. Upon your request, we will create a new silica based phase that has no analogs in the market. The separation abilities of your compound will be improved either by empowering a specific single interaction or by employing multiple interactions of your compound with our custom made phase.

The customized phases and methods are entirely compatible with preparative chromatography and scale up from one milligram to larger quantities to help you isolate and characterize compounds for your project. We use the latest ACD Labs’ method development software to predict the way your compounds will interact with our customized phases to ensure the best quality separation.

Our expertise in developing new phases for HPLC separations is unique, proven and substantially more diverse than that of other column manufacturers. Our experience extends to the areas of organic and analytical chemistry across the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Custom made phases can be prepared with different characteristics tailored to specific applications. This table lists some parameters that can be altered to obtain the most efficient and usually most economical chromatography process of a different scale.