Return policy

Return Policy

SIELC Technologies will accept returns from the end user provided the following conditions are met –

  1. The return request for a product initiated by the customer or Distributor occurs within 30 days (within the country of original distribution) and 60 days (outside the country of original distribution) of the original Ship date. 
  2. The product is supplied directly by SIELC Technologies or one of the official SIELC Distributors. 
  3. The product is eligible for return (see exclusion below). 
  4. The return authorization is valid for a period of 30 days (within the country of original distribution) / 60 days (outside the country of original distribution) from issue. 
  5. SIELC Technologies reserves the right to reject any return upon inspection.

*Distributors, OEMs and Resellers, if applicable, please review your corresponding contact for any additional requirements or limitations.
**Warranty period for instrumentation is 1 year**


Products Not Eligible for Returns – 

For Product returns due to customer error, the following are NOT eligible for returns:

*All custom products specially made by customer request are not eligible for return

*All return requests outside the stated Returns Policy must be approved by a SIELC Technologies Representative

*Note: For returns due to an error by SIELC Technologies, there are no product exclusions.


Charges –

  1. Refurbishment charges may be assessed by the entity receiving the returned product. When applicable, these charges are deducted from the credit issued to the customer. 
  2. The customer pays return freight from the customer to the SIELC Technologies location when caused by customer error. 
  3. Return freight for all returns caused by SIELC Technologies error (Such as shipment quality) is paid by the SIELC Technologies. In these cases, neither refurbishment nor restocking fees will be applied to the customer.


Restocking/ Refurbishment / Cancellation fees –

Customers may cancel orders, except for Made–To-Order (MTO) or Custom Products, prior to shipment at no charge; however, MTO or custom Product orders cancelled at time of shipment or returned after shipment, through no fault of SIELC Technologies, are subject to restocking fees.

Customers will pay, when applicable, all charges for transportation and a minimum restocking charge of 30% (50% for specialty items) of the original net price when it is determined that the product returned is due to customer error (wrong column purchased, etc.). If, however, the return is damaged (including in-transit damage) or contaminated beyond reuse, then customer is liable for up to the full amount of the order. In addition, some customers may have restocking charges written into their contracts.


Request for Return –

To request a return, please contact SIELC Technologies office or your sales representative for details.


Shipping Policy –

We ship products using our DHL/UPS/FedEx account unless specifically requested by customer to use other carrier/account. Cost of shipping is added to the invoice.

Same Day Shipping is available only for orders received before 12:00PM USA CST. Same day processing is $100 plus cost of shipping/handling.
Expedited orders are processed within 1-3 days. In case of expedited orders, only corresponding shipping and handling charges will be added to the invoice.

International shipments are charged based on dimensional or actual weight of the package.