Alltesta™ Automated Gradient Analyzer

SIELC’s Alltesta™ Automated Gradient Analyzer is an inexpensive HPLC analytical system. This mini HPLC system offers a convenient, table-top simple solution for measuring different chemicals in small and trace concentrations in different products such as milk, baby formula, pet food (cat food, dog food), pills, household formulations, etc.
Alltesta Analyzer

Alltesta™ Cromite Analyzer

The Cromite™ Analyzer represents a new generation of affordable and easy-to-learn HPLC instrumentation for schools, colleges and universities.

With automated single-vial injection, high-pressure flow and UV/Vis detection capabilities, scholars can use this instrument to separate compounds, such as vitamins in juices, food dyes, caffeine and active ingredients in pharmaceutical products. The cloud-connected software allows you to run tests, analyze results and share data from anywhere and with any device.

SIELC Technologies provides a vast library of free methods for a variety of compounds, enabling students to characterize and understand the chemical composition of many different products. The Cromite™ Analyzer comes with a column of your choice and all necessary accessories to perform multiple analyses.

We offer a special 40% discount for schools.

Alltesta™ Cromite Analyzer


Alltesta™ Mini Analyzer

The Alltesta™ Mini Analyzer introduces a new generation of HPLC & liquid chromatography instrumentation. With its miniature size and elegant simplicity, it has enough power to do most non-automated chromatography tests. It’s the perfect analytical tool for onsite testing, production operation monitoring, product testing in a non-laboratory setting, and as an educational tool. It’s cloud connectivity allows you to run and analyze your tests from anywhere and from any device!


Alltesta Mini Analyzer

Alltesta™ Mini Autosampler

Based on a proprietary alpha/beta mechanic configuration, the AlltestaMini Autosampler miniature autosampler offers inexpensive and reliable automation for many analytical- and liquid-handling settings, including HPLC. Direct and comprehensive control of this small autosampler’s features, as well as high-level commands for succinct automation, provide quick and easy integration. Users can customize their mini autosampler with various valve configurations, tray designs, and syringe volumes and pressures. A built-in shaking feature allows for sample-mixing before injection and/or simple sample extraction inside the vial.
Alltesta Mini HPLC Autosampler

Alltesta™ Mini UV/Vis Detector

SIELC’s Alltesta™ Mini UV-Vis Multi-wavelength Detector can continuously monitor the optical characteristics of the solution flowing through it. This mini device can be utilized for HPLC, Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), and preparative & flash chromatography. The Mini Detector comes standard with 470 nm (Blue), 520 nm (Green), 630 nm (Red) and a choice of either 255 nm or 275 nm for the UV channel.

Alltesta Mini HPLC UV/Vis Detector

Alltesta™ Mini  Syringe Pump

The Alltesta™ Ultra High Pressure Mini Syringe Pump is designed to produce a steady, high pressure, pulsation-free flow, so there is no need for bulky dampeners, mixers, and precision check valve arrangements. It can refill prior to each run in less than a minute, and can produce flow rates from as low 1 μL/min to as fast as 4000 μL/min with pressure up to 4000 psi (285 bar).
Alltesta Mini HPLC Syringe Pump

Alltesta™ Mini  Switching Valve

This high-pressure Alltesta™ Mini  Switching Valve is designed for chromatographic and general laboratory fluid management applications. The valve is engineered for flexible flow switching at different flow rates. It can be used for OEM applications or as a stand-alone device for different flow-switching applications. The mini switching valve provides an alternative to manual injection in a high-pressure stream or switching of low and high-pressure flows for chromatography and other similar applications. It offers several available rotor and stator configurations. 
Alltesta Mini HPLC Switching Valve

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