33rd International Symposium on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (PBA 2023)

Not Only Reverse Phase – PBA 2023 Ankara1 1MB PDF (30 pages)


SIELC Technologies Publications

EAS 2007 (Sommerset) Presented Posters

Evolution of Mixed-mode HPLC: Are We There Yet? 156 KB PDF (1 page)
Removing Separation Anxiety – New Concepts in HPLC 118 KB PDF (1 page)
A Fast and Sensitive Method for Residual Hydrazine Analysis in Pharmaceutical Samples 377 KB PDF (22 page)
Retention of Polar Compounds or How to Avoid the Void 176 KB PDF (1 page)


PittCon 2007
PittCon 2007 (Chicago) Presented Posters

Universal Silanol Solution 224 KB PDF (1 page)
Analysis of quaternary amines (paraquat and diquat) in MS compatible RP conditions 108 KB PDF (1 page)
New HPLC methods for the separation of a, b, g-zwitterions in RP conditions 160 KB PDF (1 page)
Alternative Approach to Protein Separation by HPLC 144 KB PDF (1 page)


HPLC 2006 (San Francisco) Presented Posters

Alternative Approach To Protein Separation 209 KB PDF (1 page)
Switch Phase Technology 255 KB PDF (1 page)


HPLC 2004 (Philadelphia) Presented Posters

Improving of a Peak Shape of the Charged Compounds 63 KB PDF (1 page)
New Effective Alternative to Ion-Chromatography 64 KB PDF (1 page)
Simultaneous Separation of Inorganic and Organic Compounds in Single HPLC Run 74 KB PDF (1 page)
New Approach to Ion Separation 104 KB PDF (1 page)
Universal Stationary Phase for Reverse, Normal, Ion-Exchange and Ion-Exclusion Chromatography 57 KB PDF (1 page)
Fast Separation of Vastly Different Compounds by Isocratic HPLC 250 KB PDF (28 pages)


Prep Symposia 2004 Presented Posters

Optimizing Selectivity for Preparative Separations: Mixed-Mode Chromatography versus Reversed Phase and Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography 193 KB PDF (1 page)