Software –

SIELC has developed the first and only HPLC software that is accessible via the cloud.

Each instrument is connected directly to our secure cloud server via an Ethernet line.

All instrument parameters are visible and adjustable on the fly from any internet-enabled device. Instrument settings are stored as methods, which can be retrieved and used for specific compounds.

Multiple samples can be organized in a sequence with various methods. Results can be compared and quantitated:

Please see an online example of the separation results here.

With your Alltesta and free subscription, you can analyze almost any compound from the palm of your hand. For example, you can analyze the dyes that are in your favorite purple sports drink:

Separation of Blue 1 and Red 40 dyes in Gatorade Zero – Grape.

Alternatively, you can analyze the caffeine content in your morning coffee:

Retention of Caffeine.

Another option is to separate and analyze the vitamin content in your daily multi-vitamin:

Separation of Vitamin C and Vitamin B2