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Alltesta™ Mini Autosampler

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SIELC Technologies

Alltesta™ Mini Autosampler

Based on a proprietary alpha/beta mechanic configuration, this miniature autosampler offers inexpensive and reliable automation for many analytical- and liquid-handling settings, including HPLC. Direct and comprehensive control of this small autosampler’s features, as well as high-level commands for succinct automation, provide quick and easy integration. Users can customize their mini autosampler with various valve configurations, tray designs, and syringe volumes and pressures. A built-in shaking feature allows for sample-mixing before injection and/or simple sample extraction inside the vial.

This compact autosampler comes designed with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customization in mind. Custom shape, color, and communication interfaces can be adapted to integrate with any system. Comprehensive software integration support is provided. Other options include metal-free sampling and reagent addition and mixing capabilities.

– FRACTION COLLECTION CAPABILITY: A simple software modification can quickly convert this small autosampler into a fraction collector.
– REACTOR PROBE SAMPLER CAPABILITY: A simple software modification can quickly convert this small autosampler into a reactor probe sampler.
For a full list of all autosampler capabilities, click here.

This miniature autosampler can also be used as a component of the Alltesta™ Analyzer. The addition of our UV/Vis detector and liquid-carrier pump can convert this compact autosampler into a Flow Injector Analyzer (FIA).

Use this mini autosampler for different liquid-handling applications that require the precision transfer of small liquid volumes under high or low pressure.

Download the Alltesta™ Autosampler brochure here.


Dimensions (WHL): 160 x 145 x 195 mm / 6.3 x 5.71 x 7.68 in
Weight: 3 kg / 6.6 lb
Power: 24 V
Capacity: 48 vials or 96-well plate
Pressure: 5000 psi
Needle Wash: Inside and outside
Syringe Capacity: 120µL or more
Volume Accuracy: 0.1µL
Communication: RS232 Virtual COM port via USB


The Alltesta™ Autosampler can be controlled:

– directly via serial commands (Alltesta™ protocol available upon request, please contact us at,
– directly via our demo software, allowing to learn the whole functionality of the unit (Windows 10, 32/64bit, 5Mb; Windows 7, 32/64bit, 126Mb)
– remotely through our cloud software (as a part of Alltesta™ Analyzer or Alltesta™ Mini Analyzer),

Serial communication drivers are available here.

A very simple schematic operation of the Alltesta™ Autosampler.


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