Capillary Columns

SIELC offers new design in capillary HPLC columns hardware
The combination of reduced costs and production convenience for manufacturers
with attractive appearance and premium performance for end-users.
Many end-users will be able to manufacture their own capillary columns by purchasing
a special tool and a set of end pieces.

Hardware characteristics include:

  • Zero dead-volume connection
  • Simple assembly
  • No limitations for column length and id
  • Variety of internal diameters for connecting tubing
  • Convenient connection to standard 1/16″ HPLC ports
  • Inexpensive hardware
  • Optional metal-free version
  • Reliable performance, up to 5000 psi
  • Convenient handheld tool for trouble-free assembly
100-mm capillary column

Column Assembly

How does it work?

  • SIELC provides an end-piece (A), which includes a 150-mm long narrow bore PEEK capillary with permanently installed stainless steel sleeve and with 0.05-mm thick SS frit.
  • Assembly (B) includes a connection of the end-piece (A) with empty PEEK capillary column and compressing the sleeve by our specialized tool (D).
  • The axial forces produced by the tool compresses the end of the sleeve within the anvil to form a tight permanent connection of the sleeve to the column body (C).
  • Fully assembled ready for packing capilary column is also available from SIELC