Back pressure regulator

This back pressure regulator for HPLC and Ultra HPLC type applications can be directly inserted in the detector outlet. Thus minimizing number of connections and fluidics components in the system.

This regulator comes with a customer defined pressure values ranging from 50 to 250 psi (3 to 20 bar).

Most common pressure values 50; 100 and 250 psi versions are available from the stock.

The regulator has a built in filter which keeps internal components from contamination by particulate matter in the mobile phase.

back pressure regulator for HPLC

Back pressure regulators are commonly used in the detector outlet to keep mobile phase bubbles free inside the optical detector cell. Degassers in HPLC system usually provide reduce air concentration in the mobile phase. This keeps the mobile phase free of bubble in the detector. However, quite often, a single air bubble appears in the detector cell and can stay for a long time. It disturbs detector signal, especially if low detection level is required.

Having a back pressure regulator with at least 50 psi rated pressure allows to keep detector optical path free of bubbles.

SIELC back pressure regulator has a standard male 10-32 UNF thread on inlet site and can be inserted  in any typical high pressure HPLC port instead of a standard fitting. It has female 10-32 UNF thread on outlet site. Clear marking indicates flow direction and pressure rating.

For the ordering use part # BPR-*** where last 3 digits indicates pressure rating. For example, BPR-050 will be a regulator with back pressure 50 psi.