Cool Applications

Cool Applications are one-page application notes with minimal wording, showing examples of separations that we consider challenging based on our customer’s feedback, and our overall expertise.

Simple HPLC Method for Analyzing Oils

HPLC Method for Separation of Thiourea, Thiouracil (TU), Methylthiouracil (MTU) and Propylthiouracil (PTU) on Primesep P column

HPLC Methods for Analysis of DAB (3,3’ – Diaminobenzidine)

HPLC Method for Separation of Sulfur-containing Biomolecules

HPLC Separation of Fluorophenylacetic Acid

HPLC Separation of Tartaric & Citric Acids

HPLC Separation of Polar Pesticides

MS Compatible Hydroxychloroquine Method

HPLC Separation of  Amino Acids in Pure Water

HPLC Separation of Glucose-6-Phosphate and Glucose-1-Phosphate

HPLC Determination of Taurolidine

HPLC Separation of Glyphosate and Phosphate Ion on Newcrom B Column

HPLC Separation of Mixture of Phenylpropanols

HPLC Separation of Acyclovir & Hydrocortizone

HPLC Separation of iodide and thyroids hormones

Unusual Retention of Acidic Dye on Mixed-Mode Column

HPLC Separation of mixture of Pyridylacetic acids

HPLC Method for Analysis of 8-hydroxyquinoline

HPLC Separation of allo-isoleucine and isoleucine

HPLC Separation of Thiamine Pyrophosphate and Pyridoxal Phosphate

HPLC  Analysis of Nitrate and Nitrite with UV Detection

Separations of Compounds in TCA Cycle on Primesep D Column

Universal HPLC-UV Method for Complex Mixtures