Custom Method Development

Custom Method Development by SIELC

Are conventional HPLC columns and methods no longer working for you? Are you struggling to isolate and characterize a newly developed compound? A fast, reliable, cost effective separation approach is crucial to guarantee that your compounds reach clinical or other studies and, subsequently, the market in a timely manner to beat your competitors.

The nature of samples analyzed today is changing, resulting in an increased demand for analysis of more polar, more hydrophobic and ionizable compounds. Using standard reversed-phase columns, such samples are often poorly retained. If your analytes exhibit poor retention and resolution, there is now a simple solution. Using the novel Primesep mixed-mode phases, any peaks can be pulled apart, and retention can be fine tuned to achieve your desired k’.

With a new column technology and vast experience in various analytical techniques, we can assist you in developing a reliable, versatile and cost saving approach. Whether it is a method for analytical run or a more complicated preparative separation method – we can create and perform it for you. We use the latest ACD Labs’ method development software to predict the way your compounds will interact with our phases to ensure the best quality separation.

Save time and money…

  • Samples screened on up to 6 different phases
  • Analysis by SIELC’s team of experienced and trusted chromatographers
  • Fast turn around
  • Full method details provided
  • LC/MS/ELSD compatible
  • Method scalable to preparative chromatography
  • Fully Confidential


… let SIELC develop your methods, solving your chromatographic problems!

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Here are just a few methods that we have recently developed for our customers:

With over 50 years of combined experience in analytical method development, preparative chromatography method development and new chromatographic custom phase development, we will help you in all your projects. You will receive not only a unique product, but also a superior scientific tool for your future analytical needs.

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