SIELC presents the new Alltesta™ Cromite Analyzer

Alltesta™ Cromite Analyzer

The Cromite™ Analyzer represents a new generation of affordable and easy-to-learn HPLC instrumentation for schools, colleges and universities.

With automated single-vial injection, high-pressure flow and UV/Vis detection capabilities, scholars can use this instrument to separate compounds, such as vitamins in juices, food dyes, caffeine and active ingredients in pharmaceutical products. The free cloud-connected software allows you to run tests, analyze results and share data from anywhere and with any device.

SIELC Technologies provides a vast library of free methods for a variety of compounds, enabling students to characterize and understand the chemical composition of many different products. The Cromite™ Analyzer comes with a column of your choice and all necessary accessories to perform multiple analyses.

We offer a special 40% discount for schools.