Meet Alltesta and Cromite at Booth #945 During ACS Fall 2023

SIELC presents the Alltesta™ LHS (Liquid Handling Station)

SIELC Technologies is happy to announce the newest addition to our Alltesta™ lab equipment line – the Alltesta LHS (Liquid Handling Station). The Alltesta™ Mini Liquid Handling Station is an affordable and reliable solution for automated sample handling. Featuring a compact design, a proprietary alpha/beta mechanical structure, and adjustable operation speeds, it provides comprehensive control...Read more

Preparative Chromatography As a Service

We are excited to offer our clients expanded capabilities in preparative HPLC separation and purification. Our proficiency in chromatography has enabled us to produce unique analytical chromatographic columns and confidentially help our clients achieve their commercial and research goals. Our expertise is employed in research-scale preparative chromatographic applications, such as separating isomers and oligomers including oligonucleotides,...Read more

Oligonucleotides Analysis by HPLC

Please see our newest publication on Oligonucleotides analysis by HPLC. We recently reported a new mode of chromatography which we named Bridge Ion Separation Technique (BIST™). This technique was developed in order to obtain better separation control when working with multicharged molecules. Oligonucleotides are exactly the type of molecules that can be separated by this...Read more

SIELC presents the new Alltesta™ Cromite Analyzer

The Cromite™ Analyzer represents a new generation of affordable and easy-to-learn HPLC instrumentation for schools, colleges and universities. With automated single-vial injection, high-pressure flow and UV/Vis detection capabilities, scholars can use this instrument to separate compounds, such as vitamins in juices, food dyes, caffeine and active ingredients in pharmaceutical products. The free cloud-connected software allows...Read more