The Cromite™ Analyzer represents a new generation of affordable and easy-to-learn HPLC instrumentation for schools, colleges and universities.

With automated single-vial injection, high-pressure flow and UV/Vis detection capabilities, scholars can use this instrument to separate compounds, such as vitamins in juices, food dyes, caffeine and active ingredients in pharmaceutical products. The cloud-connected software allows you to run tests, analyze results and share data from anywhere and with any device.

SIELC Technologies provides a vast library of free methods for a variety of compounds, enabling students to characterize and understand the chemical composition of many different products. The Cromite™ Analyzer comes with a column of your choice and all necessary accessories to perform multiple analyses.

Cromite™ Analyzer
Alltesta™ Analyzer


The Alltesta™ Gradient Automated analyzer is a cloud-connected, fully-equipped yet afordable HPLC analytical system that provides laboratories with a powerful chromatographic instrument.

In addition to the on-board Alltesta™ UV-Vis Detector, it also includes the Alltesta™ Mini Autosampler for quick and efficient injection of up to 48 or 96 samples, as well as two Alltesta™ Mini Syringe Pumps that deliver high-pressure and pulsation-free gradient flow. With these advanced features, lab users can conduct complex automated research with ease and precision. The Alltesta™ Analyzer comes with a free HPLC Starter Kit, free access to our library of methods, and our free method development service.


SIELC has developed the first and only HPLC software accessible via the cloud.

Each analyzer is connected to our secure cloud server via an Ethernet line, allowing users to adjust and control parameters from any internet-enabled device. Analysis settings are stored as methods, and the results can be easily quantitated and compared across multiple samples.

HPLC.Cloud Software