HPLC Separation of Common Antibiotics in Fish Farming

Fish antibiotics are used in fish farming to treat bacterial diseases of fish. It is common practice in the fish industry, particularly in developing countries, to use large amounts of antibiotics to prevent infection. The antibiotics used are often non-biodegradable and remain in the environment for long periods of time, contaminating soil and ground waters. In farming antibiotics are mixed with food and residual amount of drugs ends up in fish products and poultry, this lead to consumption of antibiotics and metabolites by humans. Five common antibiotics are separated on Primesep C column using LC/MS compatible conditions. Method can be used for quantitative determination of nitrofurantoin, nitrofurazone, furazolidone, furaltadone, chloramphenicol and nitrofurazone in fish products and environment.

Application Column

Primesep C

The Primesep family of mixed-mode columns offers a wide variety of stationary phases, boasting unprecedented selectivity in the separation of a broad array of chemical compounds across multiple applications. Corresponding Primesep guard columns, available with all stationary phases, do not require holders. SIELC provides a method development service available to all customers. Inquire about our specially-tailored custom LC-phases for specific separations.

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Application Analytes:
5-Nitro-2-Furaldehyde Semicarbazone (Nitrofurazone)

Application Detection:
UV Detection
SIELC Technologies usually develops more than one method for each compound. Therefore, this particular method may not be the best available method from our portfolio for your specific application. Before you decide to implement this method in your research, please send us an email to research@sielc.com so we can ensure you get optimal results for your compound/s of interest.