Stream LC

HPLC in the Cloud

Web Connecting Device

Stream LC is a chromatography data acquisition device that streams your devices and the chromatogram to the software – Think of it as a bridge that connects your laboratory to the centralized data storage. You have access to your equipment and experiments results from anywhere, on any device, at any time via any interface!

One other important factor to keep in mind is that this software is FREE!

Key Functionality

Start and stop injections, control detector, valve, autosampler, and pump
Real-time chromatogram streaming
Connect up to 4 detectors or up to 4 channels of one detector to one Stream LC device

All detectors that have an analog output are supported
Build and record sequences
Create and store methods
Keep your sample information and result of analysis in the cloud
Build calibration from standards, then analyze and quantitate samples
Start, stop, and edit your analysis remotely from anywhere in the world
Access your data via PC, tablet or mobile phone
Search your result online
Never lose your data


Power Requirements 12 VDC

Current Requirements
Up to 1.5 A

7.6 x 24 x 10cm (3 x 1 x 4″)

100 g

Sampling Rate
20 Sample per second

-1 to 2V that corresponds to -1000 to 2000mAU

Noise Level
Less than 0.05mAU

Sync Time
Chromatogram is synced with HPLC Cloud every second

Operating Temperature
0 to 40° C, non-condensing

Four 24 bits analog inputs
Four USB connectors for serial communication
8 Contact closure relays
1 CAT5 ethernet connector for communication with the software

Check out this brief video of the Stream LC in action