Alltesta™ Power Tower

Alltesta™ Power Tower

Alltesta™ Power Tower
Alltesta™ Power Tower

The Alltesta™ Power Tower acts as a power supply and chromatography data acquisition device that connects, controls, and streams your Alltesta™ devices together to our free cloud software at It serves as a bridge that connects your laboratory to a centralized data storage hub. With the Power Tower and your free subscription, you can gain access to your equipment and experiment results from anywhere, on any device, at any time, via any interface!


Voltage Range → 80 ~ 264VAC
Rated Power → 140W
Dimensions → L 115 mm (4⅝ in)  * W 62 mm (2½ in) * H 255 mm (10⅛ in)
Weight → 1.15 kg (2lb 8oz)
Sampling Rate → 20 Samples per second
Resolution → -1 to 2.5V that corresponds to -1000 to 2500mAU
Noise Level → Less than 0.05mAU
Sync Time → Chromatogram is synced with HPLC Cloud every second
Operating Temperature → 0 to 40° C, non-condensing


– 4 USB-A
– 4 Power outputs 24V, 2A
– 1 CAT5 ethernet connector 
– 1 Galvanic isolated analog input  -1V to +2.5V

Key Functionality

  • Start & stop injections; analyze chromatograms; control the detector, valve, autosampler, and pump via
  • Real-time chromatogram streaming
  • Connect up to 4 Alltesta™ units via 4 USB ports
  • Build and record sequences
  • Create and store methods
  • Keep your sample information and analysis results in the cloud
  • Build calibrations from standards, then analyze and quantitate samples
  • Start, stop, and edit your analysis remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Access your data via PC, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Search your results online
  • Never lose your data