SIELC Offers Smallest and Simplest Random Access Autosampler

Based on proprietary alpha/beta mechanic configuration, this autosampler offers inexpensive and reliable automation to any analytical and liquid handling instrument. Comprehensive control with direct access to all autosampler’s features, as well as high level commands for simple automation, provides quick integration. Various configurations and tray designs are available, as well as custom options. Download the Autosampler Brochure here.

Cloud based software for the autosampler operation, sequence storage and editing, and injection method creation is available via StreamLC

To Order and for Quotes

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  • Capacity – 48 vials or 96 wells plate
  • Pressure limit – 5000 psi
  • Needle wash – inside and outside
  • Syringe capacity – 200 uL or more
  • Volume accuracy – 0.1 uL
  • Dimensions – 6×6.5×7 inch
  • Weight –  5 lb
  • Power – 24V
  • Communication – RS232/485 or Virtual COM port via USB

Schematic of Autosampler Operation