HPLC Analysis of Polyethylenimine in Plasma

Polyethylenimine is an amino-based hydrophilic polymer. Polyethyleneimine are used in the cell culture of weakly anchoring cells to increase attachment. Due to the fact that it is a complex mixture of polymers with different molecular weight it is very hard to obtain a single sharp peak for this compound. Polyethylenimine was analyzed on a Promix MP column. The method can be used for quantitation of polyethyleneimines in plasma, blood, saliva and other biological fluids. ELSD and LC/MS methods can be employed for detection.

Application Column

Promix MP

The Promix family of mixed-mode columns presents an innovative chromatography technology for the efficient resolution of peptides and proteins. This technology hinges on a unique blend of hydrophobic and ionic interactions, facilitated by a novel separation medium: a ligand bonded to a silica support, chemically combined with hydrophobic and ionic functional groups. This phase provides unparalleled selectivity and peak capacity. By independently adjusting the quantities of buffer and organic modifier, a virtually infinite number of separation conditions can be achieved, rendering it suitable for a wide array of biomolecules.

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Application Analytes:
Polyethylenimine PEI

Application Detection:
ELSD Detection
UV Detection
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