SIELC Technologies introduces a new preparative chromatography self-packing re-usable column hardware. It is available in 20mm , 30mm, and 50mm  ID format. The hardware allows you to pack columns in a regular chromatography lab, using only a preparative HPLC pump. The device has a built-in switching valve with a position for column packing (fill) and a position for column operation.
  • No additional equipment is required if you have prep LC system
  • One hardware set provide columns of different length
  • Dynamic and static bed compression
  • Optional air or water heating/cooling
  • Easy packing and repacking
  • Small setup cost, flexible operations
  • Little bench space required
  • Low weight
  • Patent pending design
Simple and inexpensive way of making your own prep columns in 3 steps.

  1. Fill the column with an adsorbent slurry and cap the column with a filter, then switch integrated valve to fill position.
  2. Connect the column to a regular prep pump and setup pressure limit on the pump to stop at 1000-5000 psi, depending on your packing material pressure limitation.
  3. Start the pump. When pressure reaches the set limit, switch the integrated valve on a top of the column to operation position and start you separation.