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SIELC moved to a new facility

Effective June 1st 2014 SIELC Technologies has a new mail address:

804 Seton Ct., Wheeling, IL 60090 USA

All emails, phones, FAX are stay the same.

New Specialty Columns from SIELC

New comprehensive guide for HPLC Method Development

SIELC Technologies offers a free and fully confidential method development service

To assist you in your column selection and to save you time and money. Samples are screened on up to 6 different phases.

  • Analysis by SIELC’s team of experienced chromatographers
  • Fast turn around
  • Full method details provided
  • LC/MS/ELSD compatible
  • Method scalable to preparative chromatography

SIELC Technologies introduces a new HPLC method development tool.